The house that Arsen built

This is Arsen Avakov.


From February 2014 the US driven putsch in Ukraine, he was a Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

This is Odessa, a city on the Black Sea founded by Catherine the Great in 1794.

cathern the great in odessa

These are citizens of Odessa, a World War II hero, a local poet, a 19 year old university student, a pregnant woman, murdered, beaten to death and burned alive, under Avakov’s supervision and direct involvement in May 2nd 2014.

odessa victims

Investigative documentary in German

This is Avakov’s son.

avakovs son

He just got married in his father’s villa on Lake Como, Italy.

avakovs villa italy

Guests invited to the wedding were banned from taking pictures and video footage.

avakov villa2

 The Avakovs are next-door neighbors of George Clooney and Vladimir Soloviev, an anchor of a talk show on Russian government funded TV channel that expressed “condemnation” of Kiev regime crimes.

The Avakovs have citizenship of Italy and Panama.

Information and images provided by Stanislav Sadalsky, a famous actor.

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