A scythe came upon a stone

Author: scotthumor

by Cat Motja

Translated by Scott Humor

The US hegemony over the world was handed to them as a result of soviet “elite’s” treason and at the expense of colossal loses and sacrifices suffered by one united nation of the Russian Empire. In the local armed conflicts, from abject poverty and desperation, abroad while trying to make a living, in cities and villages, in mountainous auls and in the middle of steppe, millions of Russians, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Chechens, Ossetians, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Buryats, Chukchis and Kalmyks were quietly perishing. The list is going on and on. and we have to remember them all. Those were people who believed that “the Communist party and the government” would taker care of everything and anything could happen, but not a treason. No one ever thought about the treason, it was impossible to imagine, it couldn’t fit in our people’s minds.

But we were betrayed and sold.

Us, the one united nation of the Empire spread from Kiev to the town of Kushka, from Moscow to the Northern seas, people who for centuries were rising up all as one to fight against the foreign invaders, us who buried several empires from Swedes and Napoleon to the Nazi European coalition, us who survived famine winters by sharing with each other very last piece of bread, us who treated other people’s children as our own, us who never discriminated between Orthodox Christian warriors and Muslim warriors, between Kazakh and Russian, Uzbek or Tatar. We all were simply sold, all of us as one black slave on the New World’s wild slave market.

Many of those who sold us are still alive, or their children still living with the money they received for selling us.

The global hegemony that the USA received as a result of the betrayal and treason of all of us, the hegemony cursed and damned by our people who lost everything, this hegemony brought oceans of spilled innocent blood, tears, destruction and immense suffering. This hegemony made the world disgusting and abhorrent, it even turned the great European civilization into a small faithless vassal, that licks its owner’s boots and smiles. Never in its history had Europe fallen so low as now, never. Because, even against Hitler’s Germany many fought with the arms in their hands, the British, Dutch and many others fought and preserved their dignity. But here, after we were sold into slavery, something suddenly happened with the European honor and dignity, they surrendered without a fight and bend over backwards for decades. It was a pitiful show, but it was important and needs to be remembered. When all of this is behind us, the Europeans should come to their senses at some point and realize what happened to them and why.

European civilization, jubilant at our funeral, didn’t stay European and free for long, their turning into a lackey, a valet, a helpful vassal was almost instantaneous. They themselves didn’t even notice how that happened. They, probably, can’t even recall now how it all started, and how, in the absence of their eternal enemy whom they hated for centuries, they ended up turning into disgusting reptilians.

It’s almost like from a building of every European capital city was taken one keystone and given a push, and all that was built and erected for centuries came crushing down without tanks and cannons.


The global monster with Talmudic mindset tore into shreds our land, the Balkans, the Middle East, Africa, and everything that happened to get under its meat cleaver. It’s impossible to estimate human grief, tears and suffering inflicted by the “master of the world” because entire nations were humiliated, crashed and destroyed. There humiliation will inevitably have a long-term effect on future generations.

”… an inhuman force crashed everyone in one press.” (A.C. Kochetkov, Poem about a smoke-stained train carriage.)

This press has only been gaining up its momentum, and it finally came to the point when everybody in this petrified with fear world hearing from Washington about “lack of democracy” somewhere, knew that the Butcher is coming to chop up with its global meat cleaver someone and devour, devour, devour.

An entire planet hanged suspended in sheer horror.

Billions knew when the Butcher was flying to bomb peaceful cities and towns and pound Iraqis children into mud, But no one did anything, To preserve a mask of a former leader on a lackey’s face, the great European humanists chewed their master’s cud in front of TV cameras. Everyone understood everything.

The press kept pressing. In our absence, the scythe was cutting down people in tens of millions, bloodletting while pumping oil. The scythe kept cutting down… And suddenly, something happened that dimwits can’t comprehend.

What happened?

The scythe came upon a stone.

Putin and an icon

The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.

He who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed.

When the builders of the “new order” cast Russia aside, they also cast aside with all of Russia an inconspicuous calm Russian officer working in a small gray building in vanished GDR. And all those cast aside turned into one monolith stone.

He who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed.

matrix reloaded_neo

We won’t forget anything to anyone .

We will bring back the people of the Empire and our land.

We’ll come to visit everyone who owes us.

We will take our revenge .