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A week ago, a seedy middle aged member of the Talmudic cult named Dmitry Bykov, a son of Leo Moiseevich Zilbeltrud and Natalia Iosifovna Bykova, who, for some opaque reasons calls himself “a Russian writer” arrived to Yekaterinburg to teach the locals about Jesus Christ.

After the lecture in which he explained what Christ did wrong, Dmitry Zilbeltrud/ Bykov boarded a plane to fly back to Moscow and promptly fell into coma.

The Russian language media, nearly 100% of which is owned, run and funded by Zilbeltrud/ Bykov’s fellow cult members, rushed to explain his state by his alcoholism, diabetes, and encephalopathy making him, in their words, delusional, mentally unstable, prone to lapses of memory and hallucinations. While this pseudo-Russian media has been updating his heath status in real time as if he was a head of state, even though no one expressed any interest, we learned tons about Zilbeltrud/ Bykov’s rotten body, – all to prevent people from thinking that this Talmud worshiper got knocked down by his own growing feeling that he cannot any longer go around pooping on the Son, who is also, btw, the Holy Spirit.

sapienti sat

A few days before that he wrote that Christianity has become dangerous to talk about, like touching a live wire. 


Is there a World Congress of Germans? What about Poles? Chinese? World Congress of Russians? No, there isn’t. But the Talmudists have their own “World Congress,” a private group founded in pre-WWII in Switzerland and now lead by Ronald Lauder with the WJC “Jewish Diplomatic Corps” located in Berlin.

Archive for the ‘World Jewish Congress’


This organization condemns Christians in Poland for celebrating their Christian holiday and burning Judas dummy.

Judas betrayed Jesus by identifying him with a kiss – “the kiss of Judas” – to arresting soldiers of the High Priest Caiaphas.

How is it possible to condemn Christians for burning a dummy of a man who sold Christ to the Jewish court and execution?

if this isn’t nipped in the bud, next year Christians won’t be allowed to celebrate at all. Next year they will claim Christianity being a “hate cult.”


What the heck is the Easter worshiper?

The Holocaust worshipers call the Christians “the Easter worshipers.”


In six months they will call us “the Xmas worshipers.”


The Talmudic cult members affiliation with the ancient Children of Satan is in the name only.  Founders of the cult studied about the ancient tribe, and came up with an idea to recreate it. 

Nothing left after the ancient tribe whom God Himself appeared to inform people about them being not from the Father, but from something else altogether.

After the ritual was completed and the ancient Devil’s offspring rejected God and murdered Logos made flesh, they were turned into dust.

The land where the children of Satan killed the Living God was sealed by the Divine powers, so no one ever would be able to find it or enter it. Its the only place in the Universe void of God. The possibility of humans in the flesh being there is absurd. Modern Israel’s territory has nothing to do with that ancient land. It’s being used as “the place” by the same people who created Talmudic cult, and built Jerusalem as a cheap decoration by the Crusaders.

Who were the Crusaders who built the decorations?

The Crusaders were mercenaries from South and Eastern Europe and the Near East. the DNA of nine out of 25 13th century Crusaders buried in a pit in Lebanon


“Historical documents tell us the names of the nobility who led the Crusades, but the identities of the soldiers remained a mystery. Genomics gives an unprecedented view of the past and shows the Crusaders originated from western Europe and recruited local people of the near East to join them in battle. The Crusaders and near Easterners lived, fought and died side by side.”

Dr Chris Tyler-Smith, from the Wellcome Sanger Institute


I love modern science. It’s just as fictional rendition of reality of the Matrix just as Hollywood and CNN “realities,” but sometimes the scientists strike gold. Like in this case revealing that the European Crusaders were similar to the ISIS/Daesh – a proxy ragtag armies of mercenaries with “Ashkenazi Jews” among them.

Keep in mind, the burial is from 13th century, and the cult has been in existence since 11th. It grew from a dozen of people into three million from the local population. And the modern science recognizes then as “Ashkenazi Jews”! or was he a South Italian?

“First, a group of four individuals appeared to be local Near Easterners since they clustered with the Roman period and present-day Lebanese. Second, three individuals appeared to be Europeans and clustered with different European populations (two clustered with Spaniards and were close to Basque, French, and Northern Italians, and the third clustered with Sardinians). Third, two individuals appeared to have an intermediate position between Europeans and Near Easterners: individual SI-41 overlapped with Neolithic Anatolians on the PCA and was distant from any modern West Eurasian population, and individual SI-53 overlapped with Ashkenazi Jews and South Italians.

Why is this so absolutely hilarious?


Not just because an “Ashkenazi Jews” (or a South Italian) found be a Crusader. The Talmudic cult was financing and leading the “Crusade,” they used the Western Christians and the mercenaries from the Near East to attack and destroy the Orthodox Christian Empire of Byzantine. Just like using the ISIS proxies they erased ancient Christian villages, churches and monasteries to ethnically cleansed territories for the Greater Israel. The Orthodox Christianity to be the only Christian church that these self-proclaimed Children of Satan fear and loath.

If you read other papers on genetic research, you know that “Ashkenazi Jews” genetically don’t differ from the Eastern European people. The founders of the Polish cult got rich by trading slaves, to the Northern America and initially to Europe and the Near East, and they converted some of those captured and kidnapped people from Eastern Europe, Russia, Ottoman Empire, and so on, they converted those people taken from their families into their cult. Tyrannic discipline, brainwashing, intimidation, harassment, psychological terror, body mutilation, human sacrifices, and executions, mixed with monetary awards for those who served loyally, were used to shape the cult members’ identity for centuries.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the crusaders were financed and lead by the Talmudic cult members, just as we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the ISIS “army” was commanded by Israeli military specialists, along with NATO members.

French with their Notredame were a part of the Crusaders wars against Orthodox Christianity and they have been an active participants of the new Crusade, French, on surface are nice people, but they fight against us Russians for centuries, everywhere, they collaborated with Hitler’s invasion, now their troops are everywhere against us, Ukraine, Syria, Libya. Everywhere they are against us. Remember this every time when you get an urge to give them your hard earned money or sympathy.

And Palestine territory has nothing to do with the place where everything happened. That’s why no matter how deep they dig they can never find anything archaeologically linked to the period. Plenty of other periods and peoples, though.

Enough about them.


Americans, ruled by Zombies of Galicia and Talmudists, don’t realize who Persians are.

They declared the CENTCOM Pentagon’s Central Command a terrorist organization.

“Terrorists from CENTCOM constructed a helicopter landing strip in Al Anbar province of Iraq.”

“Iraqi security services weren’t informed and don’t know about the reason for construction of this object.

The base is being guarded by the terrorists from CENTCOM USA.”

Iran, Pakistan to form joint anti-terror force: Rouhani


Other nations watch with stunned disbelieve. What are Americans doing, and why are they doing this?


Germans handed Ukraine the decree signed by the Russian czar confirming Ukraine being a province of Russia


Now Peter’s decree where it should be – on Russian land.

Here is the top part of the decree



For those who are looking for signs


2 Corinthians 1:22

22 who has placed his seal on us and has given us the Spirit in our hearts as a down payment.( as a pledge, as a collateral)

John 15:13

There is no love greater when someone lays down his SOUL for his friends.

His SOUL left in this world as a collateral to His pledge.


He is coming to buy his SOUL back from this world.


Disappearance of Salvator Mundi is the sign that He started to manifest Himself.


He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

He, who has eyes, let him see. 

Cat told you something very important. Do you understand?

Just a reminder – when Salvator Mundi disappeared in UAE — this appeared over the UAE

Interesting, all those centuries all those priests prayed to the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, did they believe in this? Just theoretically, the prayer exists it means that they should, at least in theory, know that the Holy Spirit and Christ Pre-Existent are One and the same? I have a feeling that they didn’t believe and didn’t teach others that He might come and dwell in us… This is a mistake on their part, I think.

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