Privacy/Civil Rights News Stories

Facebook Negotiating Multibillion-Dollar US Fine As UK Labels “Digital Gangsters”
UK – Dubious Whitepaper Encourages Digital ID’s For Everyone Because Physical ID’s Get Lost and Much More:
UK –  You can be Reported to the Police for “Anti-Social Behavior” for Littering, Drinking Alcohol and Cookout Smoke:
China’s social credit system bans millions from taking flights, trains:
China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Expertise:
Moscow police to pilot facial recognition glasses:“The Department of Information Technology (DIT) of the Moscow mayor’s office is planning to create augmented reality glasses with face recognition technology for the Moscow police.”
Armenia mulls Chinese (smart city) facial recognition surveillance tech:“The program requires thousands of security cameras to be installed in public places, which often use facial recognition technology to identify people and license plates.”
France –  Facial Recognition Cameras Used During Carnival:“Facial recognition software was piloted for two days during Carnival in Nice,”
Canada – Medical-record software companies are selling your health data:
Canada – The Open Privacy Research Society:
Mexican privacy watchdog criticizes government over spyware:
Brazil To Use Facial Recognition During Carnival in Rio:
Venezuela – “Protesters Executed For Social Media Posts”
Thailand – Banks To Test Facial Recognition:
India – Face recognition authentication system set to begin at airports:
India Officially Swears in Its First-Ever Robot Police Officer:
India – Almost Half A Million Delhi Citizens’ Personal Data Exposed Online:
Japan – Facial recognition to be used for officials and journalists at Emperor’s anniversary ceremony, but not for politicians:
Border wall could be a virtual barrier patrolled by drones:
American Airlines, United Airlines and Singapore Airlines admit having cameras installed on back of passengers seats:
Facebook security app used to ‘spy’ on competitors:
Patients, health data experts accuse Facebook of exposing personal info:
Facebook Censors News Outlets Critical of US Foreign Policy and Corporate Media:
Facebook’s Co-Founder: Amazon Has ‘No Limit’ On How It Can Listen To And Store Private Conversations:
You Give Apps Sensitive Personal Information. Then They Tell Facebook:
MA – Supreme Court:  Jurors don’t need to check their life experiences at the courthouse doors:
MA – Officials discuss Supreme Court ruling on property forfeiture:
Delaware – No charges will be filed over 1,600 DNA samples not being entered into crime database for years:
DE- Cops Say Their ‘Fear’ Allows Them to Search Vehicles and Trample the 4th Amendment:
Arizona bill would create massive statewide DNA database:“David Kaye, an associate dean for research at Penn State University said the proposed bill is one step away from requiring DNA from anyone who wants a driver’s license. “
Arizona residents will be grounded without Real ID:“As of Oct. 1, 2020, Arizona residents won’t be able to travel out of several airports throughout the state and country with just a standard driver’s license as identification, the Arizona Department of Transportation said.”

AZ- Can passengers in a traffic stop refuse to give an officer their ID?
Trump Calls For More Biometric Scans, Data Sharing To Stop Terrorism:
Nearly 63% of ICE Detainees Have No Criminal Records:
Washington state lawmakers make speedy move to shield their records from the public:
WA – Judge Strikes Down Unconstitutional ‘Cyberstalking’ Law Chilling Free Speech:

Microsoft is Lobbying Against Washington State’s Facial Recognition Bill:

ACLU’s [Friend of the Court Brief] Yahoo Cannot Secretly Record Personal Emails Without A Warrant:“The copying and preservation of Kaleb.Basey’s emails and account data violated the Fourth Amendment. When Yahoo! secretly duplicated Mr. Basey’s private data at the government’s direction, it was acting as a government agent.”
Rand Corporation Getting Federal Funds for “Terrorism Prevention”
Amazon Claims its Facial Biometric Camera Patent Application Is  “Fun” For Users:
It looks a lot like Amazon wants to hide Alexa inside your web router:
Proof Positive That Amazon’s Ring Doorbells Are Creating A Giant Home Surveillance Network:“Police tapped into Chicago’s vast network of surveillance cameras — and even some homeowners’ doorbell cameras — to track down two brothers who claimed they were paid by “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett to stage an attack on him, the latest example of the city’s high-tech approach to public safety.”
Police Commander Edward Wodnicki, who heads the detective division that led the investigation, credited the camera network, and residents who shared information from their own cameras for helping to solve the case.
Apple Secures Patent That Uses Facial Recognition To Unlock Vehicles:
Google Admits Nest Guard’s Hidden Microphone Has Been Listening To Families Since 2017:“Google has acknowledged that it made an error in not disclosing that one of its home alarm products contained a microphone.””Product specifications for the Nest Guard, available since 2017, have made no mention of the listening device.”
‘Reverse search warrants’ for Google data becoming a privacy nightmare:
EPIC to FTC: After Home Spying Reports, Google Should Divest Nest
Google May Employ More People Than the Entire U.S. Newspaper Industry:
GAO Report About Internet Privacy:The problem is the FCC and FTC address privacy concerns differently, which results in confusion about how to handle consumer data.
Your phone and TV are tracking you, and political campaigns are listening in:“The digital fence enabled Evers’ team to push ads onto the iPhones and Androids of all those attending the meeting. Not only that, but because the technology pulled the unique identification numbers off the phones, a data broker could also use the digital signatures to follow the devices home. Once there, the campaign could use so-called cross-device tracking technology to find associated laptops, desktops and other devices to push even more ads.”
Feds share secret terror watchlist with 1400 private groups:“The federal government has acknowledged that it shares its terrorist watchlist with more than 1,400 private entities, including hospitals and universities, prompting concerns from civil libertarians that those mistakenly placed on the list could face a wide variety of hassles in their daily lives.”
IL – Cook County Takes Steps to Erase Its Regional Gang Database:
IL – No Damages Required to Sue Under Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act:
VA – Legislators claimed a bill to allow appeals from people convicted by junk science was too expensive:
VA – Danville Police Department Wants to Acquire Drones:
Appeals Court: Feds Can’t Tie Grant Money to Sanctuary-City Disavowal:
620 million accounts stolen from 16 hacked websites now for sale on dark web:
Status Report on the California Consumer Privacy Act:
California Bill Aims to Give Privacy Law Sharper ‘Teeth’
California Sheriff’s Dept. Tells Journalists It Will Cost $350,000 To Process 48 Use Of Force Cases
CA – Judge Orders Los Angeles Police Misconduct Records Unsealed:
TX – Citizens claim city leaders ordered more tickets to bolster city budget:

TX – DA to review 1,400 cases that embattled narcotics officer Gerald Goines worked on:

Supreme Court Limits Police Powers to Seize Private Property:
Police abused civil forfeiture laws for so long that the Supreme Court stepped in. But one ruling won’t end it:
Michigan bill to end most civil forfeiture heads to House:
Utah Senate Passes Bill to Reform Asset Forfeiture Laws:
How the Feds Are Using Civil Asset Forfeiture to Threaten Free Speech:
MO – St. Charles County Law Enforcement Reaps Benefits Of I-70 Cash Seizures:
MO –  For Phelps County, Seizing Suspects’ Assets Is ‘Like Pennies From Heaven’:
MO – After state report finds racial disparity in traffic stops, advocates and lawmakers call for change:
Wyoming jails receive between 25 and 50 percent of inmate phone charges:
Imagine Pleading Guilty Because You Can’t Afford to Call Your Lawyer:
MT – Ending State’s Punitive Driver’s License Suspension Law:
North Dakota- Civil asset forfeiture bill heads to an appropriations committee:
Companies are using fitness trackers to monitor employees, but does it invade your privacy?
Court Rules Against NYPD Union: Body Cam Footage Can Be Made Public
North Dakota State House Passes Major Rights-Supporting Bill—Outlawing DUI Checkpoints:
Minnesota Bills Would Limit Warrantless Electronic Data Collection:
Maryland House Committee Passes Bill to Ban Warrantless Stingray Spying:
AK – Sponsor pulls bill to put cameras in some Arkansas classrooms:
Homeschoolers Outraged at ‘Orwellian’ Iowa Bill That ‘Treats Them All Like Criminals’ – Mandatory Home Inspections: