5G kill grid … stepping stone to mandatory vaccination

Silence is agreement

Evidence from scientists, biologist Joe Imbriano and defendants who filed a class action lawsuit in Quebec, Canada [below] call people to wake up and take a stand.

Scientists call for Protection from Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Field Exposure

The International EMF Scientist Appeal serves as a credible and influential voice from EMF (electromagnetic field) scientists who are urgently calling upon the United Nations and its sub-organizations, the WHO and UNEP, and all U.N. Member States, for greater health protection on EMF exposure. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2018/04/24/exempt-from-health-safety-and-environmental-review-5g-to-launch-09-18/

Urgent! 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations

The Fullerton Informer
Published on Feb 10, 2018

Joe Imbriano discusses the plan to microwave us all and how it eventually will result in forced vaccinations unless we thwart their evil plans for culling humanity.

Transcript below.

We’re in a lot of trouble. Why do people think it’s okay to get irradiated? What’s the matter with you people? Do you think these systems they’re putting up on these towers are there so you can watch Netflix and play video games on your phone while you’re taking a dump? Do you not realize what’s in store for people right now? Do you realize what this stuff does? These towers are weaponry, these systems are weaponized. I’m going to keep hitting on this because it’s not sinking in. Most people are in a trance, zombies, self-absorbed myopic children, even though they’re between 20 to  80 years old.

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Folks we are being herded into compact cities and they’re putting the towers in. They’re going to put up micro cells instead of these huge towers that are already in place, with power generating systems the size of shipping containers next to them, with cables 4 and 5 inches in diameter capable of handling hundreds of thousands of volts. For what, 4 or 5 watts of power? Are you freaking kidding me?  What’s coming is a kill grid. Make no bones about it. These people tell your kids we’re overpopulated. These people who run things like Mr. Gates, Prince Phillip, Mr. Rockefeller, the Rothschilds. They talk about how to reduce the population 95% down from right now. We are in the midst of a silent war. They’re not going to fire a shot folks. They’re going to cook you with invisible radio frequency emissions you’re addicted to, and in love with because your junk works no matter where you go.

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You’ve got to have your texts, emails, you’ve got to check your Facebook. I know. I’m a Salesman, I’m on the road, I’m in the field, I’m in the office. I’m a researcher, I’m an activist, I need to be in touch with people, people need to be in touch with me but at what cost? The frequencies they’re deploying are weaponized frequencies. I’m gonna explain this to you right now. The Wi-Fi in your house is 2.4 gigahertz. That’s a frequency that stuff broadcasts on. Now you can’t open up a radio station without an FCC license. You gotta have a license to broadcast and you’ve got to be given access to certain frequencies to broadcast on. That’s called spectrum. They allot spectrum to certain companies and if you haven’t figured it out your parents and your grandparents were watching the idiot box on the spectrum that was opened up 80 years ago, and the radio stations and the TV stations are controlled by five companies. Now they’re probably controlled by three or two. They’ve been feeding you lies for decades and decades.

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You can’t broadcast unless the FCC gives you a license. What they’ve done is the most harmful frequencies imaginable, you know the 2.4 gigahertz, which happens to be the frequency that the water molecules start to rotate on their axis when they’re hit with the radio frequency emissions at that particular frequency. Why are they messing with the water molecules? We’re at 70% water and they know what this stuff does. So what the FCC did is they opened up that frequency band, that part of the spectrum to everybody. You’ll need a license to broadcast on it, and you know what that did? That virtually ensures complete proliferation and saturation of radio frequency emissions in that part of the spectrum. In other words they want to bathe you in the frequency that messes with the water molecules. That’s not a good idea. So they got you addicted to Wi-Fi and your gadgets. They’re doubling down now because they’re coming out with a new frequency because they claim you can’t get enough of Netflix and enough of your stupid movies or whatever you have to check that these frequencies are getting congested. There’s too much traffic. It’s a bunch of frickin hogwash. Everything works just fine right now. The systems that are in place with these towers are so overkill it’s not funny. They could run a 100,000 times more devices than they’re using right now. They got you addicted to these devices now they’re going to bring a new technology up. This really scares me to go into this because this is the end.

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The FCC opened up the millimeter wave band and they’re going to be broadcasting on 60 gigahertz folks. Wi-Fi right now is using the frequency of water molecules. The rotation of their axis begins at 2.4 gigahertz.  In other words that’s the spot on the spectrum of the trillions of frequencies. That’s the spot on the spectrum where the maximum dielectric loss of water begins. That’s a fancy term for when they start rotating, trying to line up to keep pace with the alternating field, the electromagnetic fields. So it causes water molecules to vibrate on their axis. Well they’re going to use 60 gigahertz for the new 5G and the new Wi-Fi. It’s called Wi-Gig. You need to understand this stuff is wicked because 60 gigahertz is the oxygen molecule absorption spectrum. I repeat that. This is the frequency that the oxygen molecules start reacting to. So they’re using Wi-Fi to mess with the water. They’re going to use Wi-Gig and 5G to mess with the oxygen. Now this crap doesn’t travel far so they’ve got to put them really close together. They’re going to put these little transmitters all over the light poles, telephone poles, public buildings, and you’ve got to put it in your house because the crap is not going to work and I keep saying crap because this is crap! It’s a weapon and they’re going to get you to go to Costco and bring it home in big boxes. You’re going to put it all over your house because you’re stupid, and you’re not listening to me. You need to understand something. You need to stop killing yourselves okay. That’s what these people have managed to get you to do. They have managed to get you to kill yourselves and enjoy it, and kill your children, and pay for it.

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WiGig, 5G, 60 gigahertz. Get that through your skulls. You don’t mess with oxygen molecules. Oxygen is in the air we breathe. It comes from trees. Trees make it out of carbon dioxide. It’s 2 oxygen molecules and they share electrons. When you hit oxygen molecules with 60 GHz millimeter wave emissions it affects the orbital properties of the electrons of the oxygen molecules. Now, why is that important? How is this oxygen absorbed into your body? Well it’s pretty complicated, and it’s miraculous what God has done. How He’s created our bodies and created these mechanisms and He created a molecule called hemoglobin and it binds to the iron. You know that iron is magnetic. Have you ever heard of the word magneto biology? If any of you out there are physicians or doctors or physicists or biochemists or any type of researchers I bet you’ve never heard of that field of study.

Fixed Wireless Communications at 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties

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I have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, and I have a of bachelor’s degree in biological science and when I was going to UCI for five years, none of the curriculum included anything remotely close to the interactions of electromagnetic field with living tissue.They don’t want you to know how this works because this is a secret stealth weapon that they’re touting as the neatest thing since sliced bread. It is right now making up the majority of the economy and if this technology was to be exposed for what it truly is it would collapse the economy.

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They’ve got everything intertwined. The pension funds have investments in these companies. They’re rolling this out so fast and they’re passing laws at the federal, state and local levels to where you can’t say no to this crap. They built this whole infrastructure’s legal ability to exist on research that was done in the 1980s, and it was passed in 1996 by that dirt bag Bill Clinton. Yes, Bill Clinton signed the Telecom Act. He is the one who put the death knell on humanity. He’s the one. They’re using 30-year old research that was rigged from the get-go, and now they’re rolling out technology that they’ve never even publicly released the testing on. They know what this stuff does that’s why they’re doing it. They know what this stuff is capable of that’s why they’re rolling it out, and they used a framework from 30-year old rigged research 22 years ago to get this thing put in. So where the companies that have access to public right of ways only have to pay a small amount of money because the city has to give them access.

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No one is regulating emissions from any tower under 150 feet. No one’s checking the power levels. No one is babysitting these weapons folks. You’re going to bring this crap in your house. They’re going to put this stuff outside your house, and it’s going to affect the oxygen molecules. Here’s what they’re going to do. When you start affecting the oxygen molecules ability to bind to the hemoglobin in your blood you can’t transport the oxygen in your tissues It does other things to your body that I’ll now briefly touch on.

It affects your body’s ability to produce vitamin D. 60 gigahertz is a weapon. It affects the oxygen molecules and it affects your skin’s ability to produce vitamin D. Your skin produces vitamin D when sunlight hits your skin. It produces a reaction in your skin whereby your body begins to manufacture vitamin D, and the same thing happens when the sunlight goes through your eyes. That’s why they’ve got you wearing sunglasses and contacts so they’ve got you blocking the sun. They don’t want you in the sun folks. They want you deficient.

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The bottom line here is this stuff is a weapon. You need to wake up and you need to understand that it doesn’t travel far. Trees block it. The low-e film on your windows blocks it. Mylar film blocks it. Metal screens block it. You can buy paint that blocks it. Do not bring this crap into your house because it’s a slow kill. What’s going to happen is you’re not going to be able to have the oxygen levels in your blood that your body needs to survive. You’re not going to die immediately from this stuff it’s just going to cause all kinds of weird health problems and guess what they’re going to do? It’s gonna create symptoms because I know for a fact what this stuff does. There are two locations in the United States where this was rolled out in schools and it produced paralysis, arrhythmia, neurological problems, tingling in the extremities, people passing out, people having fatigue malaise, all these bizarre ailments. I guarantee you folks, when they roll this stuff out they’re gonna turn it on in such a way that it’s going to seem like polio came back and you know what they got ready for you? A vaccine. What do we hear about all the time on the news now? Vaccines. Vaccines. Vaccines.

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I’m in California and guess what? You can’t put your kids in one of these government mind-control facilities and unless you inject him with like sixty shots. Now if you have any brains you won’t go for that and you’ll find a way out of it and you know how to do that. You can home school your kids or you can get a medical exemption. You got to do what you got to do to protect your children.

12:57 mins
Now they are going to roll up a microwave weaponry system that is going to induce symptoms that people are going to think are a new type of virulent strain of polio, or some sort of neuro-invasive encephalitis, or some sort of paralytic disease that they’re gonna blame on some newly discovered strain of something and they’re gonna have a shot ready for you, and they’re going to make it mandatory. Mark my words. That’s the plan here. Aside from the fact this stuff’s going to make you sick and it’s going to screw everybody up it’s going to make a lot of people very wealthyand it’s going to concentrate power because a sick, weak-minded populace becomes servile and slaves really quick.

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There’s a big push to get everybody into the compact cities. There’s a big push to build high-density housing. There’s a big push to go 10 stories. Put Wi-Fi routers everywhere. Have free Wi-Fi everywhere. Have all these things in place folks. They put chemicals in the water. You’ve got to filter water if you’re going to drink it. You got to grow your own food. You can’t eat this stuff in the store you don’t know what’s in it. Now they’ve got these weapons that they’ve put into the classrooms, they’ve put in the schools, they put them into the buses, the trains, the planes, the cars got Wi-Fi in them now, and now you go outside and you look at your phone there’s 50 networks when you’re walking down the street, there are cell towers everywhere and now they put these LED lights in, so it’s white light at night so you can’t sleep. It’s messing up your sleep cycle folks.

Blue light is a weapon, has one of the shortest wavelengths, cuts the body’s production of melatonin, which plays a key role in regulating the body clock. This disrupts other hormones, causing prostate and breast cancer and other hormonal cancers. ALL BY DESIGN.

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Wake the heck up okay. You’re not going to hear this at church or at school. You’re not going to hear it on TV that is a bunch of pornography and crazy movies. The churches all sold out. They’re not talking about nothing, they’re just collecting your money and putting you to sleep, and the schools are making everybody stupid. So where are you going to hear this information? On the Internet, and you better get with the program before they shut it all down. This is Joe Imbriano warning you to wake the hell up. Thank you. END